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Why would you need a provincial offences paralegal? Provincial offences in Ontario come from many different statutes. Most commonly, the statute that you would think of for provincial offences would be the Highway Traffic Act, which covers traffic violations. What most people don't realize is that the same courts apply to other acts, such as the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, or the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act, or the Aggregate Resources Act. All of these acts are what are called the charging act. The procedural act is the Provincial Offences Act.

Penalties for Provincial Offences

Provincial offences penalties can be set fines, non-set fines, and/or jail time. These penalties depend on the legislation and the type of offence. Part I offences are set fines, as they are offences which only require a ticket being issued. If a court is required to rule on the fine, it will be a Part III offence. This is where an information is filed and you receive a summons, there is no ability to pay a set fine in these cases. An example of a Part I offence may be a muffler ticket on a snowmobile, issued through the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act, section 18, with a set fine of $85. An example of a Part III offence would be serving alcohol to a minor, requiring a summons to be issued and a court to decide the fee.

Obviously Part III offences are more serious offences, but it doesn't mean Part I offences aren't also serious. Part I offences can still carry up to a $1,000 fine, and can have other consequences, such as insurance increases, or loss of certain licenses, etc. This is why it is important to fight them whenever there is a means to.

Fight your offence with a provincial offences paralegal. Cambium Legal Services will help you fight any provincial offence, as long as it's worth it to you to fight them.

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