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Cambium Legal Services provides representation in criminal and traffic matters. Most traffic matters, and summary criminal offences are within our realm of representation.


Defence for summary offences under the Criminal Code of Canada, such as Theft Under $5,000, Assault, and various firearm offences under the Firearms Act.


Cambium represents in most traffic matters, these include Careless Driving, Stunting, Speeding, and other offences under the Highway Traffic Act.


Cambium also works within other areas of provincial offences law.

Criminal Defence and Traffic Defence

Charges We Defend

Firearms Charges

Firearms charges involve the illegal possession, use, or trafficking of firearms. These charges aim to regulate the possession and usage of firearms to prevent misuse, violence, and unlawful activities within society.

Assault Charges

An assault charge is brought against individuals who intentionally cause harm or threaten violence against others. This offense encompasses a wide range of actions, from physical attacks to verbal threats, and carries serious legal consequences.

Theft Charges

A theft charge is laid when an individual unlawfully takes or withholds someone else's property with the intention of permanently depriving the owner of it. This offense encompasses various forms of stealing, including shoplifting, burglary, and robbery, and carries penalties ranging from fines to imprisonment.

Careless Driving Charges

A careless driving charge is issued when an individual operates a vehicle without due care and attention, potentially endangering others on the road. This may include actions such as distracted driving or failing to yield right of way, leading to accidents or near misses.

Speeding Charges

A speeding charge is levied when a driver exceeds the posted speed limit, compromising safety on the road. This violation poses significant risks to both the driver and others, increasing the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

Stunting Charges

Stunting charges are applied when drivers engage in reckless or dangerous driving behaviors, such as performing stunts, excessive acceleration, or erratic maneuvers on public roads. These actions not only endanger the driver but also jeopardize the safety of pedestrians and other motorists.


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