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Paralegal Service for Criminal Defence

Are you looking for a criminal paralegal in Oshawa?

About Oshawa

Paralegal services, criminal law, small claims court, traffic ticketsOverall, Oshawa is a diverse and vibrant city with a rich history in the automotive industry and a growing focus on education, healthcare, and technology. With a strong economy, a range of educational institutions, and a thriving downtown core, Oshawa continues to be an attractive place for both residents and businesses. Its close proximity to Toronto and access to Lake Ontario make it a desirable location for those looking for a mix of urban amenities and natural beauty.

What is a Criminal Paralegal?

As a criminal paralegal, similar to a lawyer, we can represent clients in court on criminal matters. Paralegals are able to represent clients on summary offences. These are lesser offences under the Criminal Code of Canada, and come with lesser penalties, such as lower jailtime, or smaller fines.

Why Would I Choose a Paralegal Over a Lawyer?

Paralegals are a more affordable option to lawyers. A criminal paralegal may only cost a quarter of what a criminal lawyer may charge for the same matter. This means better access to justice for those who are not eligible for legal aid, or for those who may not be facing jail time.

We serve the Oshawa courthouse, as well as the Whitby Provincial Offences Court. We represent clients in both criminal and provincial offences in Durham Region and beyond. Provincial offences include traffic offences under the Highway Traffic Act, as well as other offences under various acts like the Liquor Licence and Control Act.

What Criminal Offences Do You Defend?

We defend against most summary criminal offences, including theft, assault, and any firearms offences. We let you decide on how you proceed, whether you wish to fight it or take a plea. If you choose a plea, we will work with the Crown prosecutor to get as best a deal for you that we can. If you choose to fight the charges in court, we will defend you to the end of the trial.

Our commitment is always to you, the client. This is why we must always represent you to the best of our ability. Your liberty is at stake, and we take liberty very seriously, there are far too many taken away every day. Let's work together to make certain that you don't lose yours.


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